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The Osprey Poco Plus Child Carrier Review by an avid Hiking Mom

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

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I have been exploring the Canadian Rockies and beyond for over two years (and forever ago before that) with my baby and now toddler riding in the Poco plus. I am a huge Osprey fan to begin with because of the quality of their hiking gear. Well before kids, I would hike with my Osprey packs to the summit of many mountains. I am excited to share my take on the Poco plus.

I have put on many miles with the Poco plus and I am going to share all the things that I love about my hiking carrier and a couple things that I think could be improved with it.

The Osprey Poco Plus

I opted for the black colour as I love how classic it looks and it matches our brand at Kids Who Explore. This carrier will grow with your baby from six months up until they're around 3 years old and even a little older in some cases.

Price: $500 CAD

Weight: 7lbs. 14 oz.

Capacity: 26L

What I like: Storage space, built in sunshade, and ease of adjusting to parent and growing child.

What I dislike: Tricky hydration space, cockpit holes are small, and no cellphone storage on hip belt.

Click here to visit Osprey's site to see more details on the carrier.

My "testing" period has been well over 100 hikes with my baby.

The poco plus has helped me create lifelong memories with my baby and is now going to be used for my second baby. It has been there with us since our first hike. I actually have both the Poco plus and the regular Poco as well. I take the plus on longer adventures because it has more storage.

We've climbed mountains, walked around lakes, shopped in the city, travelled through airports, and explored new places with our Poco plus.

The Poco plus will help you carry all the necessary baby items, ten essentials, and more!

Pros and Cons

Let's start with the Cons! With love as you will see my 5 stars below.

Three things that frustrate me about the Osprey Poco Plus are first, the spot for the hydration pack. I can never fill my hydration 3L pack full and fit in behind the back. The space is very small and tricky.

Second, the foot holes for my toddler are so small and every time I have to load him in or out of the carrier, I have to take off his hiking or winter boots. It does really annoy me now that I have two on the trail as it's just one more thing that I always have to juggle. My toddler also wants out of his pack many times on our hikes.

Third, I do wish there were bigger front pockets on the hip belt to hold my cell phone. I love to capture trail memories with my kids and it's hard to always have the cell in my coat or pant pockets.

To add. Pricey, yes, as most quality gear often is. You can find this pack listed on fb marketplace, just set your search so when one comes up then you can snag it right away. My hiking friends rave about the Thule and the Deuter child carrier, so it is worth comparing and looking those ones up as well.

Okay, now the pros!

So the pros absolutely win my heart for this pack contrary to my blunt honesty in the cons above.

Three things that I love about my Poco Plus are to start, the storage space! I can pack all the things we need to hike. Click here to see my baby hiking pack list. I really have to pack a lot being in the Rockies, weather can change in an instant and I feel so much better being able to bring extra layers etc. The additional pockets and even those hip belt pockets are actually great for keys and snack space.

Next, the built-in sunshade! This shade is used all year round for us and the rain cover (you need to buy separately) fits perfectly. I use it on the blizzard days and in the rain too. The sunshade keeps my baby tucked in and away from the bright Alberta skies and it does help to reduce the wind.

Lastly, I love how easy it is to adjust the carrier between my husband and I. Whether you need to adjust the height, hip belt, or should straps, it's super quick on the trail.

Okay, a few other great things! Other positives are that, my baby is super comfortable in the saddle part that can adjust as he grows. I love that the bar can pull in at the back and extend for more space. The side of the pack has netted storage for my sons snacks. It has padding around the waist belt.

5 stars.

I am an avid hiker and take my baby out on all kinds of trails in the Canadian Rockies. Overall, the Osprey pack is a great pack choice and although I have some frustration, I do have to give my Osprey hiking carrier a 5 star rating. Without it, I would never have been able to get my baby up mountains and to the many epic places that we made it to. It has been a staple in my maternity wardrobe and my babies main accessory.

Please let me know below in the comments if you share the same view! Perhaps you love another carrier, would love to hear what you love about your carrier.

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Whar made you choose the osprey poco plus over the deuter kid comfort/comfort pro? Looking at reviews of both I’ve seen the same things about the osprey leg holes being smaller but the storage being better…trying to decide if deuter is better if I don’t care as much about storage

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