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Bug Off! How to Protect Hiking Babies from Bugs in 8 Steps

Updated: May 16, 2023

bugs swarming baby on a hike

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Bugs can really put a damper on the hike when you're constantly worrying about baby in the carrier. I want to share 8 ways to help you combat the bugs on the trail with your baby this bug season.

Bugs can be really bad near the wild flower meadows (but I looove going to wild flower meadows a lot in the summer). Things like bees and horseflys really scare me on the trail with my baby. My toddler got a few horsefly bites on our wild flower hikes last season and it ended our adventures. When we stop for a snack or food pouch, the bugs come in like wild and I just really want to avoid my ten month old from getting bites. I ordered this bug net off of amazon and its a great little emergency hack if you encounter a lot of bugs on the trail.

baby by wild flowers and bugs
Wildflowers attract bugs

Hiking with bugs can be a challenge, especially when you have a baby with you. Here are some tips to help you navigate hiking with bugs while keeping your baby protected:

  1. Be vigilant: Keep an eye on your baby for any signs of discomfort or bites. If you notice any unusual reactions or symptoms, consult a healthcare professional. I pack baby Benadryl and soon to be carrying a baby & toddler EpiPen.

  2. Dress baby appropriately: Minimize skin exposure by putting baby in a sleeper then put baby shoes over top of sleeper or put pants into the socks. Preventing bugs from getting up pants legs is very important. Avoid bright colours and floral prints, as they can attract all kinds of insects.

  3. Bug Spray: I do spray my baby's shoes and the hiking carrier with our natural bug spray. Currently, my favorite natural brand doesn't ship to Canada but hoping they will very soon. Just make sure to follow instructions and avoid getting it near baby's eyes, mouth , or hands. Spray yourself, your hair, clothes, and shoes.

  4. Hike Timing: Plan your hike during times when bugs are less active, such as early morning or late afternoon.

  5. Avoid pond water and dense forest: Mosquito homes thrive in these areas and will swarm you.

  6. Bug Net: Consider using a bug net specifically designed for strollers or baby carriers. You can see my bug net hack here. I ordered my bug net off of Amazon. Watch on Social.

  7. Stay on Trail: Dense foliage or tall grass attract ticks and all kinds of other bugs so ensure you stick to trails

  8. ALWAYS check for ticks: After your hike, thoroughly check your baby for ticks, as they can carry diseases. Pay close attention to areas like the arm pits, sweaty regions, scalp, behind the ears, and around the waistline/crotch region.

Keeping bugs away from baby is important. Keep an eye on baby at all times, ensure they're dressed for bug season, use natural bug spray where possible, time your hikes, avoid stagnant bodies of water, bring an emergency bug net, keep on the trail, and always check for ticks. Best of luck combaring bugs during this hiking season!

hiking during bug season on the trail
Hiking in the Summer with Bugs and My Baby

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