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7 Incredible Hiking Trails on the Big Island in Hawaii

You can hike through some amazing places on the Big Island. Sunrise and sunset time adds so much magic too. Just a reminder to be prepared for showers and colder temperatures when you travel. Let the rain fall and the rainbows follow!

I hiked almost every day on the Big Island with my baby and toddler and I hope you can find the same family memories along these trails that we did. Deep healing and nature connection will also be apart of your travels.

We chose trails that my toddler could do some hiking on his own and hike in the pack too. Some parts are steep so be prepared to pack you kids for portions. These 7 trails were very memorable for us:

1. Pololu Valley- hike down the majestic and steep trail to the black sand beach and be in awe of the views of the Hamakua Coastline. Best at sunrise but amazing all times.

2. Akaka Falls- even more amazing after a rainstorm. You can soak in the sounds of the jungle and the gorgeous falls.

3. Mauna Kea (Sunset Hill)- Go at sunset and hike above the clouds to see the most incredible views of the Volcano.

4. Kaloko-Honokohau National Historical Park- we hiked here almost every day to see the sea turtles. The trail network has a few starting points so you can start closer to the harbour where the boats dock. Stay 20 feet from the peaceful sunbathing turtles and enjoy the tranquility.

5. Kilauea Iki Trail and Crater Rim (Counter Clockwise) plus Thurston Lava Tube- Visit the Park Ranger station first to get an idea of the view points that you'd like to cover too.

Be prepared for steam vents, rain, humidity, and some intensity.

6. Ala Khaki National Historic Park: Spencer Beach to Mau'umae Beach. Get a sun break and explore many tree species along the ocean. You might even find a sea turtle or two.

7. Puuhonua o Honaunau, Place of Refuge. No picnics or play in this sacred space but an awesome toddler-paced hike with some incredible palm trees. You will find a lot of healing energy on this hike.

Remember to leave no trace, respect all trail signs and sacred lands, and always stay on the trail. Please share with my in the comments if you plan on hiking or have hiked to any of these places! Share with a friend that loves to hike.

Get more of a feel for these hikes on my reel too!

Aloha! Wishing you trail loads of fun with your family.

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