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5 Reasons to Rent an Adventure Van on Your Next Family Vacation

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Adventure like never before with your family by renting an adventure van from Wandervans. I picked up our van within minutes of the Salt Lake City Airport, buckled my toddler and baby in the car seats and we were off on the coolest adventure. We rented the large unit (seats five) as Grandma and Grandpa came along for the adventure too. I was at Outdoor Retailer in downtown Salt Lake City as a first stop. We felt so legit as Kids Who Explore wheeled up to the Salt Palace doors with an adventure van! We really got to adventuring nature once we headed south for Zion and eventually over to Bryce Canyon, then back up to Salt Lake City. I fell in love with van life during our trip.

Getting to explore in a van has been a dream of mine. Wandervans rentals made that dream come true. You can rent a van easily and take your family on an epic road trip too. Below I share my top five reasons to rent a van for your next family getaway.


Adventure vans create some incredible family memories.

There are so many benefits to renting a van: freedom, food, equipment, visibility on the road, and a space for the kids to relax.

Here are 5 things I loved about van life on family vacation:

1. The Nature Picnic Stops

Being able to pull over at a trailhead, natural space, park, mall, or even just to fuel up. You can hop in the back of the van with the kids and have a snack. You have a little space just for your family that is tucked away from the world. We loved pulling over when the kids weren't napping and having rest stop picnics. The van comes very well equipped and even had a table to unfold.

2: Home base on Wheels

Getting outside with kids can be challenging but van life makes getting ready a lot easier. The diaper changes, snack time, navigating, and breaks are a lot more relaxing. Being able to pull over and have a nap with the kids was the best. You never have to worry about forgetting something in the room because you just bring the room with you wherever you go. Wandervans does an excellent job of equipping you for your adventure and all the sleeping gear is included. You can also rent additional items that you might require.

3: Ability to Camp

You get to soak in nature when you camp and there isn't anything better than having a hot coffee and campfire close to a National Park. Camping allows you to meet other families that have the same interests so it is always nice to connect with others on your journey.

4: Cost Efficient Way to Travel

Overall, being able to stay the night in your adventure van will save funds to do other fun activities on trip. The cost of hotels and stays has gone up a lot so it is nice to have a van that is like your own mini hotel. You also have a fridge, cookstove, and all the dishes onboard where you can make your own meals. Having wild meals is more fun than restaurant dining anyway.

5: Getting to see so much more

Stop the van! Literally pull over anywhere and capture the sunrise, sunset, or those epic Utah mountain views. You can see so much along the way. We opted for the roads less travelled and detoured from the main highways. While the kids slept, we got to take in some amazing scenery from the van seats.


Thank you Wandervans! Until next adventure.

Renting a van during the winter in Utah with Grandma and Grandpa was an incredible family memory for my sons and I. I hope you feel inspired to rent a van on your next family vacation. You can book today right here.

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