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5 Reasons Why Glamping at Mount Engadine Lodge should be on your Winter Bucketlist

Are you thinking of planning a mountain escape for the family this winter? Look no further than the serine Spray Lake Valley where Mount Engadine Lodge resides. You will be swept away by the peace and tranquility of the lodge and you will be blown away by the glamping tent itself too. You can hike, snowshoe, ski, skate, ice fish, rest, relax, rejuvenate, and so much more. This was a trip for just my baby and I to connect and bond with each other. Originally, the whole family was supposed to join but seasonal bugs wiped out our toddler so he stayed home with his dad.

1. Luxurious Glamping Tents

We stayed overnight is -18 degrees celsius and we were so warm and cozy we didn't even need the comfy duvet. The tents were equipped with a bathroom, heat, a king-sized bed, and a natural retreat feel. The propane fireplace really captured the mountain getaway vibes.

2. Breathtaking location

Our glamping tent rested under a blanket of stars that lit up the clear night sky. Between the nature and somewhere in the middle of the heart of Kananaskis is a place of great calmness. It also had the most inviting views of the Valley from our own porch lookout.

3. Gourmet Meals Included

Upon checking-in to our stay and entering the cozy lodge, backcountry high tea was served on a charcuterie board. Ingredients are locally sourced and the mix of flavours and textures always bring you back to Engadine for more. Dessert followed with a taste of poppyseed cake that was lightly dusted with icing sugar. I sipped my cream of earl grey tea, and was in awe of the backcountry service. We explored around the lodge, took a nap, and returned to the lodge in the evening for a three-course gourmet meal. The menu is always different but caters towards any dietary restrictions and the portions are very generous. Breakfast is served between 8am-9am with orange juice and a fresh cup of coffee. You can either choose sweet or savoury and we opted for the berry strudel with an extra side of bacon. At breakfast you get to select your lunch to-go and choose all your toppings for your sandwich to take when you depart for your adventure. Meals are included in your booking price. You get to glamp and not worry at all about food prep. I give the food five stars!

4. Abundance of Nature

Being able to explore right around the lodge with my baby was so awesome because I like to stick close to the indoors on the chilly winter days. There are endless options to explore snowshoe trails, cross country tracks, nature walks, hikes, and ice fishing spots too, just a short drive away.

5. The Kind Staff

The staff are incredibly kind, inclusive, friendly, and they share the best stories! They are very welcoming and they helped make my stay a magical one.

Engadine Lodge in Kananaksis
Welcome to Engadine

We will be making this an annual family experience. So if you feel that adventure is calling you to the heart of Kananaskis too, click below to book.

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